What I love the most about Swimming and Running is that they are easy ways to lose some belly fat, and it relaxes your whole body movement. As I work in CBD, I have a running session every week during lunchtime. Due to the pandemic, I run more.

My name is Evan Wong and I am an infrastructure engineer – I design, mentor, and control infrastructure for a foreign exchange company, managing the system, network, and security for the company. I chose my job because of the opportunities for growth, improving my current skills, and providing guidance and mentoring to improve the current infrastructure.

I am Malaysian – in 2018, I worked in the Philippines with Huawei as a Technical Lead for a top ISP Provider, with $30million of the server’s portfolio. In July 2019, I was in Australia, and I moved to Sydney at the end of 2020. I got the PR from my wife, who is a CPA and RMIT graduate.

Outside of work, I love playing badminton, but due to the challenge of gathering friends, I’ve now changed to swimming, running, board games, and pool.

I first became interested in board games during my childhood – we used to play Chess, Chinese Chess, Othello, Carrom, Mastermind, and Monopoly. It was when I moved to Australia that I began to play many more games, such as Connect 4, Sushi GO, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Coup, Blueprint, Spot It, and many more.

What I love about playing these games is the responsiveness, understanding the minds of others, the strategy, and the abstract solving puzzles.

Looking at my sporting activities, I am also interested in Badminton, Swimming and Running. I used to train for badminton during my childhood for a number of years. I stopped due to my Year 6 first final exam. I love the sweat, the stress, and the high-tension build-up in my legs after training.

When my partner refused to let me play badminton due to tension in my joints (probably 5 years back), I was working for Huawei, where we used to work long hours – swimming and running became good for my health and kept my brain active.

My future goal with Games is to meet more Aussies and play with a board games group. For Swimming and Running, my goal is to lose my belly fat and stay fit.

I definitely think that all my pastimes have been a benefit to my technological career. I love abstract things (things that are hard to solve, but that I can make easy). This is probably due to the nature of my work: troubleshooting and solving problems, as well as giving solutions and improving systems.

There is always more than tech. I think it is really important to improve the next generation and provide better solutions to the world. In life, I believe in giving, educating, and leading by example. For me, Gaming and Sports are life. You can train your brain and know deeply what are your strengths and weaknesses based on the norm. This is an easy way to improve ourselves and get to know ourselves better.

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