What I love the most about Cooking is the joy when family and friends try one of my new dishes – it gives me a huge satisfaction. Also, I just love the feedback part of it when they say that they enjoyed it and haven’t had such a tasty homemade meal before!

My name is Biswajit Kumar Rajak and I’m a Senior Test Analyst by profession. For the last 3 years, I was living in Australia for my job, but I recently moved back to India due to COVID.

What inspired me to choose my current job are real-life challenges and my ability to face problems. At the same time, I always love to explore new things in my life – if find any blocker or showstopper, I will always go ahead, find the root cause of it, and try to fix it and move ahead (which is also applicable to my current job profile).

Outside of work, I love Cooking, Vlogging, Fitness, Motivational Speaking, Reading Books, and Video Editing. I first became interested in cooking when I moved out of my home for my higher study – I started cooking because I knew that if I didn’t take care of my own health, nobody would. Being outside of home, I always felt the need to have homemade food. So, I started cooking for myself and for my friends.

Seeing my mom cooking for my family also inspired me to take up cooking and help her. When I am home, I always help my mom when she is in the kitchen.

My favourite dishes to make are Chicken Chili, Green Chicken Curry, Veg/Chicken Veg Manchurian, and many more. My signature sish is my Chicken Dum Biriyani.

Looking at my other activity, I also love Vlogging. When I was in Australia, my family always wanted to talk to me over video calls. And that was when I decided to do Vlogging – this way, I could capture many things without worrying about the storage, as YouTube has given us unlimited storage!

One of my favourite vlogs to date is “India Vs Australia Boxing Day Test Match”.

What I love about vlogging is that you can reach out to a broader audience and share your thoughts with them. The best thing is that you cannot lie to yourself while vlogging. It has given me the confidence which I lacked before – now, I can talk to anyone from anywhere in the world; it’s like a confidence booster for me. I wanted to connect with people, and vlogging is what helps me do this.

In the future, I would like to participate in some Cooking competitions. With Vlogging, I am learning video editing and, in the future, my plan is to have my own studio.

I definitely think that my experiences with Vlogging & Cooking have been a benefit to my technological career. By creating opinions and sharing information, it can ultimately alter the way I think about certain things in my career.

My advice to anyone interested in Vlogging or Cooking is to stop thinking and start doing – we can count on the things we know, but there are a number of things out there which we don’t know. So if you are planning to take up vlogging or cooking, YouTube is the best place to gain some knowledge about it. You will fail the first time, second time, or third time, but one day, you will definitely succeed. You don’t have to listen to what others are saying – it’s your life and only you can make it or break it.

Finally, there is always more than tech. It’s very important to share our passions as creativity greatly aids in finding new potential. It also helps inspire us to work with different people from different backgrounds.

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