What I love the most about Photography is the magic of saving a moment forever. I think that memory is fragile and eventually will forget everything, but the picture will be there – it will bring a feeling back. Furthermore, it will make a stranger feel something. It’s something delicate and strong at the same time. A picture tells a story, but it is always a different story depending on the eye that sees it, and I think that’s beautiful.

My name is Marta Diaz (but I’m also called Martina) and I’m a Software Engineer right now changing roles to a Business Analyst. I was a telecommunication engineer who took a Video-Games Design course and accidentally crashed into an amazing project on software development.

For most of my life, I’ve lived in Madrid, where I’m currently based. But I spent almost a year at Tampere (Finland) for my Erasmus.

Outside of my job, I love photography, but I have many hobbies. I love being with my friends and doing things with them: I really enjoy eating at places; I will drag a friend with me to museums, expos, or the theatre with any excuse; and I will trick everyone to go to festivals & concerts. Also, I am great at being terrible at dancing, but I still love it.

I am a very social person, and I have in my veins the ‘madrileña’ attitude of being on the street with my loved ones for as long as I can. For all these situations, I love taking pictures while they happen and capturing those beautiful moments forever.

However, I also enjoy being by myself sometimes. Since I started working, it’s becoming more difficult, but I used to read a lot of books before. I keep trying to read at least a couple of them during the year. And I write some stories too, usually based on dreams (or nightmares!).

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, I started to paint and create collages as anxiety therapy. I don’t paint that often anymore, but right now I’m creating some digital content mixing my photos and collages, and it’s pretty funny.

Looking at my photography specifically, I’ve always been fascinated by cameras and capturing moments. I think it was when I was eighteen that I started to become more interested in the photography world, the photographers, and the technique.

In terms of inspiration, I love Stephen Shore (https://www.instagram.com/stephen.shore/). Some years ago, I also discovered Martina Matencio (https://www.instagram.com/lalovenenoso/), and I had an instant crush for her work.

My main topic for photography is people doing things at places. And after that, nature and cities. I love to give personality to a place through the lens.

I do both Digital Photography (I used Canon-reflex before – now, I just do everything with my iPhone) and Analogue Photography (Diana F+, Polaroid, Disposables).

Thanks to technology, I have most of my analogue pictures digitalised, so it doesn’t make a real difference to my portfolio. When comes to digital, I usually make some artistic videos to accompany my photos for my portfolio and at expos.

The special cases are my Polaroids, which you can scan, but it’s never the same. But honestly, those are more personal and I don’t include them in the portfolio. There are a couple of exceptions that I scanned and edited artistically, but it’s not the usual.

To me, the benefit of digital is always the quality. And the benefit of analogue is their uniqueness.

I’ve been so proud of this self-portrait https://www.instagram.com/p/CGF12fxnLu4/ more because of its meaning than for the photo itself. I think it’s powerful.

I’ve done a couple of exhibitions in the past and would love to come back to that when the Covid measures relax a bit and we return to normal (actually, we had to cancel my last expo because of it). Also, I’m editing my own book of photos, collages, and text, but it is more a personal project than a goal for now.

I think that Photography has been a benefit to my technological career, and vice versa. Every little step in your life influences all the other aspects in some way – any good thing that I learned from one, I will unconsciously apply it to the other.

My advice to anyone interested in photography is to trust yourself. You can’t make everybody like your style, but if you like it and you’re proud of it, what else matters?

There is always more than tech! I love the Otia initiative, and I think it is really important to make public that you can be a tech person and an art person at the same time! When you’re little at school, they make it look like you have to choose between arts or science, and it’s not like that at all!

Marta’s Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/emewarp/

Marta’s Behance Profile: https://www.behance.net/martawarp

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