My name is Varje Voitk. I am 28 years old. I live in Tartu, Estonia. I am a software developer. I work for a small company called Webware OÜ, which develops info and documents administration systems.

In university, I actually studied biology. But I took one course of programming and was hooked. So after my Bachelor’s, I went to a Vocational Education Center to study IT.

Outside of work, my main hobby is dancing, but besides that, I go to the countryside on the weekends. My grandfather has a farm, so there is always work to be done there. At home, I have two cats, whom I love spending time with.

I first did dancing in Elementary School, but I found the hobby again in 2016. When I rediscovered dance, my biggest inspiration was my dance teacher – she is so positive and motivated all the time. It is bliss to dance under her hand! I would encourage anyone interesting in Dancing to find a good teacher and a good group.

I do Estonian Folk Dancing, which has a long history and big dance parties. To be a good folk dancer, one should enjoy dancing, be punctual, and also be ready to dance in any weather. What I love the most about Estonian Folk Dancing is learning new routines and pushing myself.

One of my most memorable performances was when we were dancing outside and it was -25°C. It was the 24th of February, Estonian Independence Day, and we were performing in the Town Square. It was extremely slippery, but we managed our performance despite the ice and cold.

In the future, would like to dance in the big Estonian Dance Celebration that happens every 5 years.

I see a few similarities between dancing and software development. The main one is that both of them require hard work and effort to achieve your goals. Dancing also helps me relax and is a very welcome change from an otherwise desk-only job. I also think it is a very cool idea to share the passions of technologists, and it might give inspiration to others to start dancing too.

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