My name is Rahul Tilak, and I am a Business Analyst, working at Ecomm Merchant Solutions. I hail from India, but I am currently living in Dublin, Ireland.

What inspired me to choose my job is the ability to work with different people at new locations. I have worked on projects that needed continuous work and collaboration with developers, testers, client services representatives, and other business analysts to get the job done. This is what I was doing back in India – I wanted to continue doing the same, but I also wanted to make it international for the sake of exploring the world.

I moved to Ireland around 19 months ago, with my first year being in Limerick – I came here to pursue my Master’s degree in Business Analytics. I then moved to Dublin for my work.

Hike to Bray Head, Ireland

Outside of my job, I love Travel & Photography. I had a penchant for photography for a very long time, and I developed a keen interest over the past 3-4 years. I have many inspirations for my photography: Auditya Ventakesh, Pierre Lambert, Radhika Sharma, and Isa Khan. I ardently follow their work, and they are amazing at what they do.

I love travel photography, street photography, and portraits. I started with my phone, but at times, I borrowed a DSLR from my friends. When I saved enough, I bought a Canon M50 for myself. I have also started posting my clicks on Instagram: @nautankii_salaa.

What I love the most about photography is that you can see patterns everywhere – everything you look at is photogenic; all you need is a vision. Photography helps me to establish that vision, to look out for the interesting things in daily life. There are moments and memories frozen in one click of the shutter – photography helps me capture those moments.

Looking at my other hobby, I also love to travel. Travelling started back in January 2015 – it was a great year, and I got to explore a lot of states and cities in India.

I have a lot of great experiences with my travelling. I enjoyed being mesmerized by the beauty of Ladakh, Khardungla Pass – Ladakh is 18380 feet high, and has the highest motorable road in the world. Another great place to explore is Spiti Valley, a 1800Kms road trip. Solo riding to the gorgeous wilderness of Spiti is an experience that cannot be put into words.

What I love the most about travelling is that every expedition has a different experience – something new to pan out and new things to learn. Travel helps to make new friends; you’ll know their stories and you’ll share some of your own too. I am an introvert, but I have made lots of memories with strangers whom I met and made friends with.

One of my most memorable experiences with travel was when I slept under the blanket of shimmering stars on cold winter nights, and then rode a bike with a flat tyre. I was hitchhiking at 4:30 in the morning, catching the sunset, and star gazing at minus 10 Degrees Celsius. From taking dips in freezing cold lakes to putting your numb and naked palms on the really hot bike engine, it definitely was an experience to remember.

In the future, I want to travel the world, cherish all the new places, and leave a part of my heart there and take back a moment to last a lifetime.

Bike ride in Ladakh, India

Photography and Travel have definitely been a benefit to my technological career. Firstly, my hobbies help me to maintain a balance, escape the weekly rut, and disconnect on the weekend. Secondly, it helps get the creative juices flowing. Thirdly, when you travel, you learn from the experiences, the cultures, the uncertainties, and you can implement this knowledge in your professional life as well.

My advice to anyone interested in photography or travelling is that being patient is the key. There are times when you might feel low and find things are not working out, but just keep up the good work. Take a picture, go out and explore the city next to you (once restrictions are lifted), and make mistakes and learn from them.

There is always more than tech. It is of paramount importance that we develop a hobby into a source of happiness; it will make us better people. I might be not the happiest when I am at work, but I am at my best when I am behind the lens or cruising between the mountains or sipping Sangria on a beachside. Sharing your passions would also help you connect better at work, inspiring your colleague to opt for something they might be interested in.

Flags in Leh, India

Feature Photo is a sunset in Hampi, India. Be sure to follow Rahul and his photography on Instagram:

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