Alejandro Blanco Carrasco, Technical Support Engineer on Sports

What I love the most about Sports and Outdoor Activities is that they are very good for both body and mind. I really like nature, so my sports allow me to enjoy the environment and do exercise at the same time. I love the feeling of overcoming new challenges as well.

My name is Alejandro Blanco, I am from Madrid (Spain), I am 31, and I have been working in Dell-Technologies for the last 5-and-a-half years as a Technical Support Engineer.

I chose my job because I really like helping people. Because I studied Telecommunication Engineering, I am using my technical skills to support customers – it is gratifying when they are grateful and give you good feedback.

I currently live in Cork, Ireland. I had always heard about Irish culture and hospitality, and there are a lot of opportunities in IT here – hence, I choose Ireland, and I have not regretted it since.

Outside of my job, I love Sports (Climbing, Surfing, Hiking, and Cycling), and I am always up for new experiences. What I love the most about sports is that when you keep busy, you forget and disconnect – your problems are kept away for a while. At the same time, I feel strong and free when doing these hobbies.

I travel a lot for my sports. For surfing in Ireland, the best spot I have ever been to is Inch Beach, but it seems there are some good spots in the North-West that I must discover. I love cycling at Killarney National Park, and hiking in West Cork – Sheepshead Peninsula is a lovely place.

I also love playing soccer, and one of the best experiences was when my team won a tournament. It was a Sunday amateur league in Spain, but I really enjoyed the achievement.

My next sporting challenge is scuba diving, so I am planning to take some lessons as soon as I can!

I see a few similarities between my job and my sporting activities. Both need me to go step by step, learning and growing to reach my goals. It is a matter of time and practice – every day, you get new lessons and experiences. My passions have been a benefit to my technological career because they taught me great things such as being a team player, planning strategies, and to keep trying new things.

My advice to anyone interested in surfing, cycling, or hiking is that security is a must-do. It is very important to always stay safe. From there, be patient – learn, feel, live the experience, and enjoy. We all can reach our goals by practicing.

There is always more than tech, and sharing our passions is always beneficial – it helps people reflect and get some new ideas. Many technological roles also require spending too much time sitting at the same place, so I highly recommend sports – they are healthy, and it helps us to feel great and positive!

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  • Cris

    Wow! Super interesting guy and awesome photos. Congrats Alejandro!

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