What I love the most about playing soccer is the team’s camaraderie, and that it allows me to escape the outside world by stepping across the lines painted on the field. It’s also a game that you can play with anyone, regardless of language barriers. If you know how to play, you can play.

My name is Macallan Savett, and I am currently job-seeking to become a Software Engineer. I am passionate about Software Engineering – I love that it allows you to continuously solve problems, learn and grow, and has a flair for creativity with a side of analytics. I don’t know about anyone else, but that is amazing for me.

I’ve lived in over twenty different homes now, almost all on the west coast of the United States (except when I went to college in Ohio). I am currently residing near Seattle – I always wanted to live here as an adult, and what better time than during Covid when everything is remote. I will probably move back to San Francisco, but I do love it here and can see myself staying.

Outside of my career, I love Soccer. I started playing soccer when I was around five, and I just adore the game. I love when the underdog beats someone who is better, or when the game has this fantastic flow to it. It just really is a special event, which is why it’s one of the world’s most popular sports, right?

I played soccer with a local adult league; however, it wasn’t full 11v11. With that group of people, I would typically play goalie or defense. With competitive teams, I play outside back.

My top experience with soccer was when I went to Brazil with my college team to play with some teams over there. It was just magical, and I’d love to go back. My second-top experience would be the moment that soccer got me into college, and I played through college. It’s just a great experience to play with such a great group of people at a high level. Thirdly, I loved playing with players (during high school and club soccer) who now play at a professional level. Seeing them rise to a high level is impressive to see.

Looking at my other activity, I also love skiing. I’ve been skiing since I’ve been in diapers – I remember being scared the first time when I went down the slopes too quick, and then seeing my sister fly past me!

What I love the most about skiing is the astounding beauty of being on a mountain surrounded by white, with the fresh cold air in your lungs. The flow of skiing down the mountain is world-escaping. Being on the mountain is an all-round beautiful and unique experience.

The best skiing spot I’ve been to is Chamonix, France – a breathtakingly beautiful location. I’d go back in a heartbeat. All skiing spots have their charms and their negatives, but merely being in nature, the snow, and at a high altitude just wins me over. My go-to ski spot is either Alta in Utah or Alpine Meadows in California.

I do see similarities between my time with soccer & Skiing and my current career – the most straightforward answer is that they are all a passion of mine. They also carry a sense of rhythm. Software Engineering is a world of learning, problem-solving, and using outside-the-box thinking combined with in-the-box thinking. The same is for soccer and Skiing. You are continually trying to learn and improve in all three, you are looking for the best possible solution for what you have in front of you, and then you flow through it with creativity or structure.

My experiences with these pastimes have definitely been a benefit to my technological career. Understanding yourself better and working on a team helps you in a career, regardless of the type. And has my career helped me with my passions? Absolutely; it provides the money to follow them!

My advice to anyone interested in skiing is that it’s a mental game. Don’t let your fear overcome what you know is doable. For soccer, practice makes perfect. If you want to get better, it will require you to practice and accept constructive feedback from others. Ultimately, if you are having fun with both soccer and Skiing, then you are doing it correctly.

There is always more than tech. I think sharing the passions and dreams of everyone is essential, especially from other cultures. Tech is a small part of the bigger picture.

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