Luisa Bolado, Software Engineer on Weight Training & Acrobatic Silks

My name is Luisa Bolado, and I currently work as a Software Engineer in the Mobile department at Glofox, a successful start-up dedicated to the boutique fitness industry from a managing/tech perspective.

My journey in the software engineering career is quite young – I switched careers about three years ago when I was working for a completely different industry (organizing high-class events). I chose software engineering because I have an example very near me of what the job is about; I know the industry too as I had worked as a link between client and software engineers handling projects as a freelancer. So I had a clear view of what the job was like and felt very drawn to it.

Before moving to Dublin, Ireland, I was fortunate to have lived in several places around the world, including Valencia, Pamplona, and Madrid in Spain, as well as Sofia in Bulgaria.

Outside of my job, I love Weight Training and Acrobatic Silks. I became interested in weight training as my main job at the time was very dependent on my appearance. I needed a fun way of keeping in shape, and I happened to hate cardio disciplines with a passion! 
When I started training with weights and saw how good it felt to build strength and endurance, I knew I had found one of my favourite training disciplines.

My favourite exercise by far is doing squats – the first time I was able to do a deep squat with 50kg was a day to remember. What I love the most about squats is that feeling just after a tough session; even with the exhaustion, it is addictive to me. Also, I love seeing my progression and being able to lift weights that seemed impossible when I started. I happen to drive a big Kawasaki Vulcan bike, and I know that if I drop it, I can lift it back up by myself – that is a really GOOD feeling.

Looking at my other passion, I also love Acrobatic Silks. Ironically, I’ve always been afraid of heights since I was a kid (to the point of not being able to change a lightbulb). I really don’t like not being able to do things and being conditioned by fears or insecurity, so I decided to assess the “problem” directly. Now, I can drop from 5/6 meters without blinking. It took time and a lot of patience from my trainer, but here we are.

The person who I started silks with, Laura Marin, is my biggest inspiration (on Instagram, I also love Paige Jarreau). The most important thing I learned from my training was that concentration is key – after all, you are normally 5/6 meters high, and being able to listen to instructions when you are upside down and 5 meters high is way harder than it may seem from the ground!

What I love the most about acrobatic silks is the freedom; it’s the human equivalent of flying. I’ve loved every single one of my experiences and performances – I’ve met my best friends in those classes, and the quality of the people there is exceptional.

My future goals with Weight Training & Acrobatic Silks is to keep progressing, keep pushing myself to overcome fears, keep doing things that make me happy, and allow myself to enjoy it all as much as I possibly can.

I do see similarities between my weight training & acrobatic silks and my current occupation. The three of them need a strong-minded and persistent kind of person – they are extremely rewarding, but only if you push yourself, even when it looks you are getting nowhere. I also think that programming is the mental equivalent of lifting for the brain.

My advice to anyone interested in Weight Training or Acrobatic Silks is to be patient and kind with yourself. Strength always ends up coming to you – don’t look at other people’s journeys; focus on yourself. Sometimes, the mind understands faster than the body; it’s normal and shouldn’t be a source of frustration.

There is always more than tech. Disciplines that take care of your body in such a sedentary job are extremely important. Besides, the image of the developer has always been linked to a very unhealthy lifestyle – in an industry with more demand for professionals, I think this is something that has already changed drastically.

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