Dubliners: Stories from the Tech Community on Work & Hobbies in Dublin

Aisling Naughton, Management Consultant and International Hockey Player

  • Why do you think Dublin City is a good place to work for a technologist?

I think Dublin is a great place to work in, especially within the technology sector, as it’s a city that is incredibly diverse and has a multicultural community that gives Dublin an exciting energy. Dublin boasts the EMEA headquarters for a large number of global companies, so there are plenty of job opportunities available within the technology industry. Many companies are recognising the importance of a good work-life balance, and this is evident in many companies based in Dublin.

  • Has living in Dublin supported your passions for Hockey? 

Living in Dublin has definitely enabled me to play hockey at a high level. There are over 20 hockey clubs based in Dublin, so no matter where you’re located in the county and what ability you have, there are plenty of clubs to choose from. I play for a team located close to the city centre, which is ideal as it is close to my home and also convenient to my office, which allows me to go to training after work with ease.

There are many other benefits of being part of hockey clubs in Dublin: having access to top-class hockey coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, physios, gym facilities, and a fantastic clubhouse.

The social life of being part of a hockey club is also a huge benefit. There is always a match or event going on with plenty of club members around to hang out with during and after a game, and it’s genuinely a great way to meet new people.


Previously Published Article with Aisling: https://otia.io/2019/08/23/aisling-naughton-management-consultant-and-international-hockey-player/


Marc O’Dwyer, CEO on Ironman Triathlons

  • Why do you think Dublin City is a good place to work for a technologist?

With excellent broadband, great transportation, and friendly people, Dublin really has it all for Technologists. Dublin has the infrastructure needed for Technologists to work – if they need to travel around Dublin, we have the Luas, DART, and an excellent bus service. Dublin is close to both the Sea and the country, so it’s easy to unwind. The Irish people are so welcoming and really make people feel at home, despite the current challenging circumstances.

  • Has living in Dublin supported your passions for swimming, cycling, and marathon running? 

Where better for a person like me who participates in Ironman competitions to live and work! Obviously, training was challenging during the lockdown, but with my own Gym in my back garden, it was easy for me to pop out there and use the Treadmill and bike. Using Zwift, I was also able to train and race against people from all around the world and really push my fitness levels. 

I only live 3 kilometres from the sea, so my sea swimming skills have improved no end when the restrictions were lifted. Usually, you would find me in the UCD 50-metre pool doing length after length, but as that was closed for a 3 month period, it forced me to get into the Sea – this has been so much more enjoyable than endless lengths in a pool. Cycling in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains (which are just on my doorstep) is such another privilege that us Dubliners have. Ireland is such a beautiful country – to be able to access the countryside within minutes on your bike is an absolute privilege, one for which I am very grateful.


Previously Published Article with Marc: https://otia.io/2019/07/26/marc-odwyer-ceo-on-ironman-triathlons/


Yaroslav Alpizar Zhuravlev, Database Administrator on Mountain Biking

  • Why do you think Dublin City is a good place to work for a technologist?

At this point, everyone knows that due to some special taxation rules, Dublin has been chosen by big tech companies as their main European base of operations. The likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, SAP, and Verizon have offices in the city. As the population in Ireland is small, they need to hire from all over the world and bring the people here, so there is a young rich multicultural environment everywhere. And many of them are highly skilled engineers related to all areas of technology. All this makes Dublin a very good destination if you are a tech person looking for a job or to evolve your career.

  • Has living in Dublin supported your passion for Mountain Biking? 

Definitely! In my case, I purposely choose to rent in South Dublin, next to one of the best trail centers in the country: Ticknock. This area is also the start of the Wicklow Mountains range (which extends 140km to the South with several near 1000m high mountains) and another well-known trail center, Ballinastoe. There are a lot of good riding spots with natural trails: Tribadden, Cruagh, Crone, Djouce, etc., which are all far from public places – it is perfect to avoid public gatherings on the main trail centers on weekends. In general, the area has seen a huge increase in visitors (both hikers and mountain bikers) since the start of the COVID situation, and I don’t see that number coming down. Local clubs and trail builders are working to get some new trails built and do some heavy maintenance work on the already existing trails. I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Dublin as my current living and working destination.


Previously Published Article with Yaroslav: https://otia.io/2019/12/06/yaroslav-alpizar-zhuravlev-database-administrator-on-mountain-biking/


Sonia Kolasinska, Software Engineer on Modelling and Cosplay

  • Why do you think Dublin City is a good place to work for a technologist?

Dublin is a place where there is plenty of work for software engineers, especially ones with lots of experience. As I am a transgender woman, this is thankfully not an issue to employers. It’s quite the opposite, as I feel respected and free at my work to be me.

  • Has living in Dublin supported your passions for Modelling? 

Absolutely. Back in 2018, modelling was only my dream. I remember posting on Facebook self-portraits of me posing in various clothes from my wardrobe. 2019 was a crazy year for me. I decided with the advice of friends to pursue modelling more seriously.

In November 2018, I created my first ever online profile on a modelling website called Model Mayhem. In December 2018, I had my very first photoshoot organised by Gabriel Piovesan. We met in the pub one night and he said that he has seen me on various protests that were in 2018, e.g. No to Pope or Housing Action. He took pictures of those protests and showed them to me. I was immediately inspired to ask him to do a shoot with me. And this is how my first portfolio was created.

So as you can see, living in Dublin helped a lot. I met Gabriel in one of Dublin’s pubs; he knew me from Dublin from protests. Additionally, I met another friend at a Dublin party who pointed me to the Next Generation Camera Club group on Facebook. This is where I met other photographers. One of them is Richard Byrne – he is very famous on PurplePort, as he has won 15 FPI awards. I have learned how to communicate with photographers in order to organise photoshoots. So far, I have managed to organise over 20 photoshoots, all between December 2018 and February 2020. Besides that, I have also refreshed my photography skills. I have attended numerous model shoots as a photographer. I have shot such great models as Michelle Alba, Sylph Sia, Fanny Muller, Roswell Ivory, and Denisa Strakova.

All of that could only have happened because our studio is here in Dublin, but I have also travelled as far as Sligo or Dungarvan – if there is a photoshoot, then I am there!


Previously Published Article with Sonia: https://otia.io/2018/11/16/sonia-kolasinska-software-engineer-on-modelling-and-cosplay/

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