My name is Theodore Kallergis and I am a SysAdmin at Abtrace. Abtrace is an e-medical company that runs medical data through an artificial intelligence software to enhance clinical decisions. I basically make sure that the super-smart team at Abtrace has all the tools they need to create cool products for the medical industry, whilst keeping all our data safe.

I chose this job because I always have been fascinated by the tech world, and I started my work with Abtrace as a web-design consultant. After a few weeks, the CEO offered me a full-time position with the company.

I am based in Dublin, Ireland, but I actually work remotely – the company is based in London, UK. Thankfully, technology keeps us close (Zoom, Slack, etc.). Once Covid 19 gives us a break, I’ll be back and forth to see the guys.

Outside of my job, I love photography. I became interested in photography halfway through my Bachelor’s degree (Sociology & Leisure Planning); I picked up a camera and became passionate about it. I went on to do a Masters in photography and opened my own studio in Dublin city centre for a few years too!

Photography is present (and popular) everywhere. There are lots of good photographers out there, but David Olkarny ( and BKT Studio ( have definitely been constant inspirations.

The type of photography that interests me the most is people – Portrait photography and Lifestyle photography. What I love the most about photography is how it gets you close to people, gets you engaged and talking. It’s a great feeling to make somebody look beautiful! My personal favourite photo that I’ve taken is the one directly below.

The type of camera I use for my photography is a Canon 5d Mk3 with a variety of lenses. My favourite one would be the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. In terms of post-production, some light post-processing always helps, but the photos usually look great straight out of camera. Lightroom is the main software I use.

I did photography for a living for a few years, and it was great! Now, it is a passion. I keep developing my style and I hope, one day, to be happy with the photos I take. Unfortunately, I am super critical of my work; the day I am happy with my photos is the day I should put the camera away – I would have lost my passion.

Professional Headshots in Dublin City Centre

I do see similarities between photography and my tech career. Tech is constantly evolving, and so is photography. There is always something to learn, a new area to explore, and lots of constant up-skilling. Photography also requires an insane amount of attention to detail. And, to make sure your data is safe, it takes the same amount of meticulous-ness (if this is even a word!).

My advice to anyone interested in photography is to take baby steps – keep learning and don’t give up. You will never be happy, but you will have ‘ah-ha’ moments that will give you an insane high! Then, you’ll go back down in the dumps, thinking your work sucks, until the next high! ‘Tight, bright and shite’ is the motto I have adopted – go close to the subject you’re photographing. Are you there yet? Tighter! Bright – get the exposure right. This is technical; you should be able to manage. Shite – If it looks like a shot that has been taken a million times before, you’re probably on the right path. Just add your twist – it’s okay to follow the crowds, but add your own little touch.

There is always more than tech. Whatever you choose to do is worth it, as long as you’re learning. Photography and creative arts are good in that sense because there is no winning; you will never have mastered it fully! Keep at it!

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