Łukasz Wójcicki, Telecommunications Engineer and Book Translator

My name is Łukasz Wójcicki and I am a master in telecommunications engineering. I am currently working as a programmer and network administrator in a company dealing in the production and assembly of electronic devices. I also develop the web-news.pl web service (https://www.facebook.com/webnewspl) and develop knowledge of genetics.

I have been interested in computer science since I was a child. My dad is an electronics engineer, and I often watched him during work. I also tried to create electronic devices and various computer programs. So, I decided to continue my interests.

I currently live in Radom city in Poland. I lived in Warsaw only during my studies at the Warsaw University of Technology.

In my free time, I take care of the home garden and translate books related to new technologies. I became interested in translating a long time ago, ever since I started reading programming books. Most publications related to new technologies appeared only in English, so I came to the conclusion that I could translate such books for others.

The translation of books related to new technologies requires knowledge of specific terms used in computer science. In addition, a fairly good command of both English and Polish is required! I love translating books because of the English language training and the opportunity to learn new issues related to new technologies. The first book I ever translated was Hands-On Enterprise Automation with Python by Bassem Aly.

In terms of creative input from me, it depends on the book itself. Sometimes, it is impossible to translate a specific sentence directly. That is why I am looking for appropriate meanings for the Polish reader. Also, there are often phrases in a specialized language that do not yet have equivalents in Polish. So it can be a challenge to ensure it is easy to read in the translated language.

The time required to translate a book also depends on the volume of the book and how complex the topics are. For example, the translation of Hands-On Enterprise Automation with Python took 4 months. Sometimes, the translation deadlines are shorter. At the moment, I am not translating any new books – I am focusing on work and gardening, as it’s getting warmer outside!

I do think that my experiences with translating books have been a benefit to my technological career. I translate books that are related to topics that I deal with at work; I am also learning new technologies and training in English. It’s also nice to know that I and other technologists have great passions, so you can talk to us about other topics not related to work.

My advice to bilingual people who are interested in translating books is that it is really worth doing, as you can combine interests with English language training. And, in addition, I am rewarded for it.

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