What I love the most about Pilates is that it helps me to switch off my constantly-active thinking process – I can focus on the music and the moves. The best feeling from Pilates is straight after the class. This is something that addicts me to go for more and more classes!

My name is Darya Yegorina. I am a citizen of the world with experience in living and working in different countries, collaborating with people all over the world. This is what makes our lives exciting today. Currently, I am responsible for strategy and strategic partnership in Europe at Verizon Connect.

I am also a Professional Speaker. The topic that inspires me the most, and made me a recognized global speaker, is the education of new generations on emerging technologies, such as Augmented Reality. I love to motivate and inspire educators and parents to support kids in developing the skills that will help them to succeed.

I was born in a country that doesn’t exist anymore (Soviet Union) and always wanted to gain some international working experience. This brought me to Ireland to work – it is my 10th year in this green and beautiful country.

Outside of my job, I love Pilates. I first became interested in Pilates about 12 years ago (actually, it was my GP who made me interested, as I had lower back problems). The benefits are enormous – they vary depending on the individual. For some people, Pilates helps to keep them fit and toned; for others, it is the cure of pain from office-based work when you sit all day long at your desk. In some cases, it could be post-surgery relief. For me personally, Pilates is my way to relax, unwind, keep toned, support my lower back problems, and help other people.

After a while, I decided to become a Pilates teacher. I took a course, passed my exams, and got certified. I never thought I’d fall in love with Pilates, and now I am teaching for over 9 years already! I am the founder and owner of PacePilates (www.pacepilates.eu). PacePilates is the name that my students came up with – they tell me that my classes have a pace which is individual for everyone during the class, even if people are at different levels. This makes my classes very personal.

I teach evenings after work and sometimes arrange retreats. I teach students to achieve 1% more in each class. If you do 1% extra each time, you will end being extremely proud of your results after a 10-week course.

My passion is to create individual routines for every single group I teach. People may have different abilities, and I want everyone to feel that they have achieved something after each class. Thus, I prepare every class routine separately. There is no better inspiration than people telling me how I helped them with their pain and how great they feel after class!

I have also written a book together with a qualified nutritionist, which is available on Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WG3W7RK). This book helps not only with Pilates routine, but also with keeping your body fit and your mind with great thoughts!

In the future, I plan to get some courses online based on my method of teaching – over the years, I have developed my way to deliver happiness to people with my Pilates.

My advice to beginners looking to do Pilates is to try different classes, find a teacher whose method appeals to you, and definitely go for it – Pilates helps to keep you fit and strong.

Photo by Dublin Enemy No 1 Photography

I do see similarities between my work and teaching Pilates. Each class and every group I teach has its own strategy. My strategy skills apply to the routine development of classes and provide the best results to people who attend them.

There is always more than tech – when we share, we grow! I strongly believe that people looking for after-job activities should read about what others do and start to pursue some new hobbies.

To get involved and join PacePilates, be sure to check out the official website:


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