My name is Eamonn Ryan, and I’m a Software Tester for one of Ireland’s Leading Wholesale/Retail Group. I’m originally from Clonmel in Tipperary, but I moved to Dublin for work. I have always been a tech geek since my early teens, so it was just natural for me to work in the IT Sector. What I really love to do outside my job is DJing.

I always loved all types of music from rock to dance, and everything else. In the music world, I’m a big fan of Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren. I got into the DJing through my brother when I was about 19. He used to work in Radio and DJing at weekends, so I would go along with him to the clubs. From there, I would end up doing some gigs for him.

When it comes to DJing, my preferred set-up depends on the location. If I’m DJing in a nightclub, most of them will have Pioneer DJ equipment, usually the CDJ 2000. When I’m doing a Corporate or Wedding gig, I use my Denon MCX8000 controller and I also bring my MacBook Pro.  I’m now DJing 99.99% through digital means now, i.e. using USB or hard-drive. But the technologist in me always says to have a few backup CD’s and Hard drive and USB’s with me for that “Just in case” moment the Mixer or laptop crashes. So I instantly have a fallback plan in these situations.

The first time I was DJing in front of a crowd was the best feeling. I was with my brother in a nightclub in Tipperary with about 600+ people. It was just amazing knowing it was you making all these people dance and enjoying their night out. Another memorable moment when I was DJing was at New Years Eve 1999 (Millennium night) there was such a hype about that year; everyone in the country was out that night. I remember the nightclub had to close its door by 11:30 pm!

Once I know the venue or event I’m DJing at, this gives me an idea of the type of crowd I’m expecting. So I would prep my playlist a few days beforehand. It can be hard to decide what version of a song to include on your playlist. I try to include both original and a remix of a song and would read the crowd on the night to determine which version I play. For Corporate or wedding events, near the end of the night, you can’t beat some good 80’s rock to get the crowd going – admit it, we have all been there at a wedding with our ties around our heads and doing the air guitar!

What I love about today’s music scene is the variety of music out there now. With the advancement of technology, like Spotify and online streaming, it’s great to have younger people come up to me asking for songs from years before they were even born.

To be honest, finding the time to manage my career and my DJing can be tough, as sometimes I’m doing something seven days a week. My work is good though, as in any extra hours I do, they do give that time back to me when I need it to DJ. My advice to any aspiring DJs would be to work hard, take on any gigs offered, don’t undercut another DJ, and learn to read the crowd. And never be afraid to make contact with another DJ for advice.


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