Hi, my name is Sara and I am a software engineer living in Cagliari, on the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy. For over 15 years I have worked as both a software engineer and an IT project manager, being involved in functional requirement definition, speaking with our customers and meeting their expectations. When I was growing up, I used to visit my mother at work, where she was a telecommunication operator. As one of the few women working in IT, she inspired me to follow in her footsteps.

Outside of my professional life, there are two things that I really love: dancing and taking photographs. The latter particularly took hold of me about ten years ago, as a way to enjoy my free time. I was attracted by specific details such as a raindrop or a flower. Later on I became more involved with photography, and started to reflect on how a picture could tell a story as well as be a part of a larger project.

I see photography as a way of establishing an intimate relationship with what I see. Taking pictures allows you to become connected with people and places, to make them a part of you, and to always remember them in a special way.

I especially enjoy street photography and portraits. If 10 photographers were to take a picture of the same person, they would all get a different result. A portrait is something that links the photographer to the subject.

Above: A street portrait taken by Sara Didaci

Robert Frank, author of the famous “The Americans,” a photo book compiled from a journey through the United States, was a large source of inspiration in regards to this style. Frank changes the classic rules of reportage through blurry portraits and apparently random pictures that actually convey the American spirit of the time.

Frank’s faithfulness to reality spurred me to look at photography in the same way, especially in post-production. I sometimes use software to correct the most evident mistakes or to reduce noise, but I do not abuse special effects. I think a picture should be as close to the original as possible, even though it is already an interpretation of reality.

Working in technology and photography do not always overlap, but it is useful for comprehensively seeing something – whether it is a photograph, or an IT project. When you take a picture you have to pay attention to everything that falls into it, not only to the subject or a part of it, but also to its perspective and light. What you take in and what you leave out can make the difference between a good and a bad picture.

My photography is still progressing. Weekends and holidays are dedicated to relaxing and photography. I usually bring my camera with me while hiking or walking. I have a public photo album on Flickr while I am designing my website. My tag line says, “A Moment Is Forever,” because a picture makes the captured instant immortal. I like to show my photos to see if people are interested in them. If I was able to, I would travel to an unknown place and photograph the people who live there.

See more of Sara’s photographs on her Flickr here.

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