Hello, I’m Ursula and I’m a Developer/Designer. I spend most of my days coding and working on UX functionality for software for social media.

My current career path came about after my godfather gave me a book on HTML/CSS when I was about 14 and I made websites as a hobby. I went to art college eventually but I spent a lot of my time continuing this hobby. It was suggested to me that it could be a career so I went on to do a Masters in Computer Science and now it’s my day job!

Currently I’m living in Bruges, Belgium – the land of chocolate! I work in Gent which is a start-up centre of Belgium. I lived in Ireland for most of my life but I moved to Belgium last year as my boyfriend lives here. I like the culture and the weather is nicer. The start-up/IT scene here is also thriving like Dublin, so the tech industry is fun to be a part of!

I have many pastimes!  Most recently I tried out fire breathing which I was very nervous about but it’s actually a lot easier than it looks! Outside of work, I like to study and read Tarot cards.

I became interested in reading Tarot cards in my mid-teens when a friend of mine had some cards and did a reading for me. I decided I wanted to learn it myself and I’ve been reading them ever since, mostly as a hobby!

I learned it at my own pace at first in my teens and continued learning by reading for friends and practicing. It’s really like any other skill – you need to practice. For a while I stopped reading because I was focused on study, but I went back to it in my late 20’s. At that time I took a course to help me brush up on this skill.

All tarot readers have their own way of reading the cards, but I’ll give you a glimpse into my own style and beliefs about it. I believe that tarot acts like a mirror of our world. It shows you the way things are right now, straight up, and then you can figure out where you want to go from here. I find it most useful as a psychological tool to empower people to move forward in the best direction for them.

Relationship questions are the most popular, and often people would like answers on what is the best choice for them to make (e.g. which house to buy, when is the best time to move forward with a work contract). Sometimes people don’t have a question and they just want to try out tarot reading. In this case, we can just do a general reading!

Quite often, my friends are interested in having me do readings for them. I do free readings for close friends but we’re careful not to overdo it! Tarot works best in my opinion when you have a few in-depth readings a year, and other than that some less serious, fun readings (e.g. pulling one card on a daily basis for a “daily draw” of what you need to learn today or pulling a few cards for what a new person in your life thinks of you).

The people that approach me about tarot reading are open about it, the people that hear I read cards are mainly curious as opposed to sceptical. Many people have heard stories about bad tarot readers and I usually explain that I’ve found that some readers are bad because they don’t have good intentions or they are in it for the money.

I do it for the fun and to help people so my readings don’t have that weird vibe about them! I love when I get to come up with a question with the client. When a client is open but isn’t sure what to ask and I can help them to find what they need to know. Also when I finish a reading and I’m told that it has really helped to clear their head.

I think that having spiritual and holistic outlets benefits both my career and daily life. I use reiki and yoga on a daily basis to keep myself grounded and clear. If I’m stressed at work I also use breath work and mantras to centre myself. It really helps when you are trying to solve a problem and you need to not worry too much about it.

I think my hobbies and work life compliment each other in that I bring a spiritual aspect into work, utilizing the tools I have to stay centered. With tarot, I use the analytical and logical skills from my work to read the cards in a way that makes sense to the client – keeping the logical muscles of my brain healthy helps with my communication in tarot.

It seems that scientific and spiritual paths can be different but I think they can really work together – making the right and left brain work together! Programming is creative and so is tarot, music and art. I think that’s why I can do all at the same time!

For more information about Ursula’s tarot readings, please visit www.intimatetarot.com


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